CTLS Program Structure

There are four stages (16 levels) to match with students’ ability and talent to be an inspiring public speakers to make a difference on their stage of life. Namely Beginner – Intermediate- Advanced – Expert Stage.


Beginner Stage Completer is a good communicator who has activated the interest to build confidence in Prokidz Setting. A good team player and able to accomplish task together through verbal communication.


Beginner Stage Learning Outcome Representation: Communicator (Age: 9 – 10) 


Intermediate Stage Completer is a helpful presenter who accepts challenges to increase confidence within the Prokidz Community. Express thoughts and ideas verbally with fluent and confident manner in all kinds of presentation.

Intermediate Stage Learning Outcome Representation: Presenter (Age:11 -12)


Advanced Stage Completer is a motivational speech giver who applies confidence in various context at home and school. Motivate others through verbal and non-verbal expression using personal learning experience.

Advanced Stage Learning Outcome Representation:  Speech Giver (Age: 13 – 14)

Expert Stage Completer is an inspiring public speaker who inspires people around including future employers/employees with personal inspiring learning journey as a confident and outstanding person.


Expert Stage Learning Outcome Representation:  Public Speaker (Age: 15 – 16)