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Prokidz Kota Kemuning

9-3, No 8 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/ BE, Kota Kemuning, Section 31,
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Prokidz Aman Suria

K-2-1, Jalan PJU 1/43

Aman Suria.

47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Prokidz Sri Petaling

No.42-1, Jalan 1/149D,

Bandar Baru Seri Petaling.

57000 Kuala Lumpur.

for limited seat only!
For more info please call 010-9826323

It is a platform for ProStudents to create their inspirational story to be told to their future employers/employees, colleagues/subordinates, soul partner, children and grandchildren, thus being outstanding and confident on their stage of life.
After numerous years of research and development in the area of educational psychology, character and value education, brain development, leadership development, social and community engagement, it has proved the effectiveness through years of application.
ProParents understand that education is beyond school academic excellence to prepare ProStudents’ future. It is about developing TWO very important intelligences - Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence. With a group of passionate & enthusiastic educators, Prokidz is grateful to make an Education Revolution since its inception.


Advancing humankind to a greater height of love, contribution and positivity through inspired individuals.


Providing a platform for individuals to create a unique inspirational story as a confident and outstanding person.

Prokidz Exclusive Education provides children teenager in 21st century to develop two important intelligence - Interpersonal and Intrapersonal in order to become an inspiring public speaker who can express confidently on their stage of life.


Work Force Readiness - One major goal of schools in all communities is to prepare our children for the working world. Much of the preparation focuses on academic and technical skill as it should. But we can’t forget what employers crave most - quality people with confidence, leadership and determination.

Kindly give this chance to your children by selecting your most preferred location. 

Kota Kemuning (Tuesday)

12 & 19 July (9:00pm - 10:00pm)

Aman Suria (Thursday)

14 & 21 July (8.00pm - 9.00pm) 

14 & 21 July (9.00pm - 10.00pm) 

Sri Petaling (Friday)

15 & 22 July  9.00pm - 10.00pm 

*Every child is entitled for 2 Free Exclusive Prokidz Classes and Parents are entitled for 2 Complimentary Educational Forums.

Prokidz Weekly Program Structure

There are four stages (16 levels) to match with students’ ability and talent to be an inspiring public speakers to make a difference on their stage of life. Namely Beginner – Intermediate- Advanced – Expert Stage.


Beginner Stage Completer is a good communicator who has activated the interest to build confidence in Prokidz Setting. A good team player and able to accomplish task together through verbal communication.


Beginner Stage Learning Outcome Representation: Communicator (Age: 9 – 10) 

Intermediate Stage Completer is a helpful presenter who accepts challenges to increase confidence within the Prokidz Community. Express thoughts and ideas verbally with fluent and confident manner in all kinds of presentation.

Intermediate Stage Learning Outcome Representation: Presenter (Age:11 -12) 


Advanced Stage Completer is a motivational speech giver who applies confidence in various context at home and school. Motivate others through verbal and non-verbal expression using personal learning experience.

Advanced Stage Learning Outcome Representation:  Speech Giver (Age: 13 – 14)


Expert Stage Completer is an inspiring public speaker who inspires people around including future employers/employees with personal inspiring learning journey as a confident and outstanding person.


Expert Stage Learning Outcome Representation:  Public Speaker (Age: 15 – 16)

There are reasons why Prokidz Students LOVE to attend Prokidz lesson every week. Prokidz acts as an ENERGIZER for students to learn and improve continuously.

Prokidz Learning Approaches

1. Experiential Learning
Students learn through experiencing themselves. Just like learning how to ride a bike. NO WAY to learn riding a bike using a manual/guide book and expect learner to master the skill after reading.  

~Is all about self-experiencing!~


2.Interactive Learning
It is an energetic learning environment without any textbook. Students are actively involved in activities such as role play, discussion, acting, singing, debates, presentation and many more.
~FUN is the key to learn!~
3. Motivational Learning Structure
Students collect learning experiential points to advance to the next level according to their personal ability and improvement. This will evidently ignite their motivation to pursue and challenge.

~Beneficial learning through Gaming!~
4. Individualized Learning Speed
Students excel their potential to advance quicker according to their innate talent and abilities while lower average group students can improve and advance in the long term surpassing those without such interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence development.
~I will still be Prokidz Completer no matter how long I use to complete!~  

5. Supportive Parents
Parents who are supportive in actions and verbal provide children encouragement to learn happily. Parents who are positive in thinking and verbal provide children motivation to pursue challenges.
~Parents, you are IMPORTANT!~


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