Coach Derek Chai

Well, I have passion in educating children since 4 years back and Prokidz gave me an opportunity in realising my goals in life.


It has been my purpose of life in educating children and my dream is to inspire a person a day, so that the people that I have inspired will be inspiring the others. In another word, If I can inspire  my students, they can inspire even more people.

Coach Jason Ng

As a Prokidz Coach, I'm able to amplify my strength to nurture a better generation for future. I always believe skills and knowledge can ensure an individual to go far, but to go even further, we must have the right attitude.


To me, being a 'Prokidz Coach' is an educator, a motivator, a brother, a friend to everyone in this big family. We grow and learn together in a positive way. Prokidz is my energy generator and booster. A place that allows me to charged up and continue to spread positivity to others.

Prokidz is always a place where it provides a great platform for everyone to discover their true self; such as their talent, potential and etc. Morovere, Prokidz is also like a one big family for me. Our relationship does not only limited to coaches and students but also our relationship with the students' parents pretty well.

Student's Parent - Madam Corrine Lai 



Prokidz 是我们另外一个大家庭。在这里,教练,家长和孩子们都很融合的相处。这个大家庭都充满爱与包容。

Emily Chu (15 years old) 

In Prokidz I have learned lots of skills and value. It's very fun to learn new skills every week because I am able to improve and gain my knowledge through learning new skills. With all these skills and value I'm able to apply it at school and even at home. :)   Prokidz has definitely changed me to a whole new person that I didn't expect that I would be ! I can say that prokidz has changed me into someone who is more positive and cheerful .Through prokidz I have also discovered more about myself.

Tiffany Lau (18 years old)
I have learned to trust myself and be more polite after joining Prokidz..Moving on,the benefits after joining Prokidz is that I have gained the experience of being on stage performing for my very first time as Emcee :) Prokidz has shaped me to be more caring, brave & confident.  Lastly, Prokidz is somehow like a big family to me.
Lau Wai Yee (17 years old) 

I've grown and improved so much after being part of this Prokidz family in terms of my skills as well as my mentality and personality. It's a wonderful platform to express myself and get myself exposed to many different people with great personality and positivity. Whenever things get hard for me, this place is where I recharge myself again as there is a bunch of people who are constantly supporting me through and giving me motivation!


Throughout my journey here, Prokidz has shaped me to be a wonderful person who posseses not only values but leadership who not only know how to lead herself but the people around her as well. This place has offered me a lot of opportunities to discover my strength and work on my improvements. I am able to learn how to trust and give affirmation to myself.

This place holds a very significant place in my heart as it acts like a second home to me and what I truly love about it, is that we always learn to appraise and appreciate one another and lend a helping hand to the people in need!

Lau Zhi Yei (17 years old)

我在Prokidz说学到及接触到的东西是我学校没有的东西. 它让我学到及领悟到人生目标的重要性. 在那个过程也在慢慢的改造我,把一个平时没有自信心的我,变成一个自信又懂的与他人沟通的我,是一个很好学习的平台。



Tan Chauen (13 Years Old)

Before coming into Prokidz, I was a person who really cared how others think about me, full with negative thoughts. But Prokidz changed me a lot. Not just the coaches but also the people surrounding me. From Prokidz, I've learnt to be myself, finishing tasks with my 100% effort because I don't remember me back then really did things with 100% and yet gave up easily.


Now, Chauen is different. Chauen now knows how to differentiate what's good to be and what's not. Knowing how to NOT over shine others but grow them ;) I could apply all these values and skills at school and at home, basically life. Speaking of being who you really are. I have learned how to be comfortable with people surrounding me and really go all out. That's when my confidence is shown.


Prokidz has shaped me from a good to a better person. I was a good leader before coming to Prokidz but after coming to Prokidz, leading others has been a whole new level for me. Why? Because all I thought of "leading" was just standing in front giving instruction to my teammates and such. I was wrong. I learnt how to not over shine but grow them while growing myself too ;) and also know how to ask for others' opinion, empowering them :-)


Prokidz has been a daily basis for me so I'm proud to say Prokidz is my second family.

Student's Parent -Madam Cindy Chang

Prokidz 能够给我们父母亲情交流. 除了读书之外,Prokidz也给孩子们得到成功及满足感的特质。从孩子的优点,激发他们对生命、生活点滴的热爱,也给孩子有尊严地快乐的活着。这是我个人最感欣慰的,感谢Prokidz!


Student's Parent - Madam Ee Lee Hwa

I sent my daughter to Prokidz since she was 9 years old. She progressed very slow at initial stage. Honestly, my husband and I almost wanted to withdraw until a parent shared about her daughter's progress & adviced me to be patient & continued the class as it definitely would have positive result. I appreciate the parent & happy that we decided to continue the program until today and witness the growth of daughter.

1) Confidence & Persistence -  she is confident to take part in all the school speech competition regardless Mandarin,English or Malay. Even she did not win any prize at her initial stage but she did not give up & continued to participate and finally she got the consolation prize in her Malay speech competition.  Though it was not a grand award, but the determination and perseverance in her is what really matter.


2) Reasoning &  Explanation - She is now very good in reasoning in explaining why she acts in such a way. She is able to justify why she requests for certain things and analyse the importance of them. I think this is a very good skill in a future work life.

3) Politeness & Caring - She is now polite as it seems that this value has become her habit in greeting,answering & communicating too. She cares for others feeling more and able to console as well as advise her friends and peers when they are upset or facing difficulty. This character indirectly has helped her in maintaining better friendship

To me,Prokidz is a big family. It is a place for our children to learn to be better in many aspects. The best part of Prokidz is a non academic focus which children like to go so much because they don't feel stress.

I would highly recommend all parents to send your children to Prokidz & being trained to be outstanding in many aspects. Be Patient & Do Not Give Up half way as this is a long term program...!

Feeling Corner

Student's Parent - Catherine Lee 

I understood Prokidz as a center which can instil core values to my kids at the very beginning stage which was 2 years back. I was wondering that do I need an education centre to teach my own kids whom supposed to pick up the core value from me as the parent. I must now make a statement that it is beyond the definition.


Prokidz provides a safe platform for my kids to display their enthusiasm, real self, action within comfort zone and challenges out of comfort zone. It nurtures positive energy which is not just about achieving excellent performance, it teaches the kids be ready to accept failure in any stage of their lives. Throughout the learning program, it promotes soft skill as part of their behavior and integrates this to their daily life and natural self.


I urge parents to invest your resources to allow more kids to join this program and make the world a better place to learn and grow. Life is not just about exam marks. The marks may represent the state of technical learning but what more important is actually the core values that embedded in the kids for the rest of their life.

Chay Kian Yuen (17 years old) 
Hi I am CK started my journey when i was 15. Prokidz is not just a learning platform to me, Prokidz is my second Home. The love and care that exist in Prokidz is the same as what you can feel when you are at your home. Prokidz has changed my life, from a Troublemaker to a Teenager who wants to make positive changes. One said, people that give up - Lose while people that improve - Win. Being an educator is what I want to be to inspire more people and make a difference in the society.

Student's Parent - Stephanie 

My boy has improved much in his self confidence and able to do public speaking. He has his set goals every year and giving his best effort to achieve. Besides, he has also improved his debating skill and developed some talents such as acting, singing and dancing confidently. Overall attitude has improved. As for myself, Prokidz has made the relationship between myself and my son better as I have become a better and more understanding mother. Thank you very much!

Student's Parent - Angie Low

Prokidz- Wow !  excellent place for my son to learn here.

I'm so proud of my son who has learned about the Six Values: Politeness , Respect, Harmony, Appreciation, Teamwork and Commitment. I also appreciate very much that Prokidz teaches confidence to deliver speech on stage. Prokidz students are all full of energy and positive thinking. I am very happy to see my son improves day by day. 

Prokidz to me is the BEST & GREAT place for my son to grow up because I definitely cant teach those life lessons and skills myself at home.  Thank you very much " Prokidz "

Coach Webster Ku

Prokidz is like a garden where we grow beautiful flowers into strong independent trees. And being a coach in Prokidz, allows me to be the gardener and nurture our students with values that allows them to grow strong, independent and happy life's.
To me Prokidz is like a second big family in my life. Without the people in Prokidz, I don't think that I'm able to be who I'm today. Prokidz really means a lot to me :)

I want to make a difference By giving my best to guide and nurture all Prokidz students. Making sure that they believe in themselves and there is always hope if they do not give up..