Prokidz Founder’s Story

In her most important final year degree, she was promoted as a Principal at Kumon Learning Institution, running numerous activities in her college, attempting examinations and researching for her final year thesis, but also giving workshops to her peers helping them to build their confidence and presentation skills. She could not bear looking at her peers who were not able to present and express well, not initiative to pursue their dreams and wants. Hence, the next stimulating statement protruded in her mind, ‘I can help with my skills’.

At the age of 21, she daringly wrote letter to colleges and universities to offer Presentation Skill Workshop & Communication Skill Workshop for free. Her intention was to help her peers to present confidently and she believed that the more she trained others, the better she would be. The response was overwhelming that many course coordinators requested to have a workshop helping the undergraduates on interviewing skills. With such, she went to nearly 30 companies and corporate to be interviewed in two months. She consolidated the types of interview, common questions, essential skills and critical success factors to be hired. To her great fulfillment, she got offered by ALL the companies. Some very good starting pay and some even offered scholarship for further professional education; but of course she turned down all offers!  In that year itself, she conducted over 100 workshops across 20 colleges and universities. It opened up many opportunities to her in this field. The upcoming exhilarating statement protruded in her mind, ‘This could be my career!’ A First Class Degree Honored in Accounting & Finance works as a trainer? It just seemed to be illogical. But yeah, she did.

She worked closely with the HR managers from many corporate and SME. She learned in reality, certificate was not enough in today’s era. Thousands and thousands of graduates are nurtured every year. In order to be outstanding, skills and attitude are utmost important. Many cases, shared by her human resource’s friends, Second Class Degree graduate was hired instead of First Class Degree graduate due to better interpersonal skill and attitude.  During her training career pathway, it was heartbreaking when she encountered many young adults who were directionless, lack of confidence to pursue their dream, unhappy with their current work life, deficient of soft skills especially interpersonal skill and leadership skill, poor family bonding and importantly without purpose of life, no zest, no passion, no enthusiasm. Therefore, the confound question protruded in her mind, ‘What is the purpose of education?’

She started to show high interest in human behavior, educational psychology, character development, human intelligences, learning methods, philosophy, social and culture across nation and international arena. She has attended many courses and seminars in different countries; she has researched renowned studies, she has uncovered many hidden techniques and ways that weren’t taught in our conventional school that could help children to learn happily and path their unique journey to be an outstanding person, living with their full potential and talent. Hence, with a vast knowledge and experience in training and education, she initiated Prokidz Academy. Many of her close friends and relatives were feeling perplex and confuse. Do you also have such question protruding in your mind?Why a top achiever, possessing great ability in climbing the corporate ladder, thriving at the international arena with such confidence and skill, would want to nurture children?

Elaine Loo is a confident and energetic person who strived for excellence during her learning journey. She was the first exclusive female student selected to undergo a fully sponsored Student Exchange Program to UK by her higher education institution. It was indeed an eye opener but at the same time she felt perplex with the teaching methods as well as the learning environment.  Students there were actively participating in class, raising hands and debating over issues openly, researching independently instead of waiting to be spoon-fed, very highly engaging. They were so outspoken and confident conveying their messages and opinions. First rousing statement protruded in her mind, Asian can do it too! She enjoyed as an active learner, being a representative of her course, student representative of the Student Council Board and many other activities. She had one objective in mind, shared her experiences and skills with others when she was back to her home country.